SAE Institute Dubai kindly asked to answer couple of questions for their students.

SAE is the world’s leading educator in creative media industries. Established in 1976, they now span the globe with 55 campuses in 28 countries.

Dubai campus was founded in 2005 in order t...


Our symbol remained unchanged since we founded Anmeko in 2014. We thought it's time to refresh it.
Original idea of wisdom, quality and competency representation now enclosed in more elegant lines decorated with vintage pattern. These little elements represents our att...


As people are asking a lot about the workstation on my Instagram I decided to share our CG & VFX Production equipment specs and run through everything we have in our machines. We built them ourselves and there were no A to Z articles or lists of components availab...


After couple of projects filmed with gimbal and Sony A7Rii I decided to research if there are any ways of using iPad on the same professional level as decent external monitors or at least use it as a big viewfinder.

I am a drone enthusiast, therefore I was thinking of...

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