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Corsair XO

Bottle design for premium Caribbean Rum

Tools used in this project:
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Initially this was created as another case study, but after several years owner of Caribbean Distillery got in touch and expressed desire to own the design for one of their upcoming Rums. I was more than happy to turn one of my studies into a real product. The challenge was in how the bottle was designed initially. The design was done long before I started exploring Octane and skull pattern on the body was driven by displacement. In order to produce any physical objects geometry has to include all the features.

The skull was retraced, optimised and then modeled into the body of the bottle to form single polygonal object. Final stereolithography file was perfectly usable for 3D printing or other manufacturing.

The outer elements like the box, the cork and sleeve are featuring one of my tattoos, therefore there was no problem re-creating these.