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Morphing in the Snow

As part of my procedural shading study I created this sequence where black ink is "infecting" the white snow around it. The final shot is where the ink is contained within shapes forming Out of Nothing logo.

Tools used in this project:
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Nature elements are the most random things existing. Of course it is very interesting to study them and try to re-create them procedurally.

This study took place couple of years ago, since then a lot has changed. Both in Cinema 4D and in Octane. Nonetheless, the shader is based on noises for which Cinema 4D is famous for. Realistic look is achieved through numerous noises variations and layers stacked on top of each other. Luckily, unlike in older Octane versions, noises does not have to be baked anymore, making the workflow fast and easy.
Proceduralism guarantees seamless coverage across any surface, but this study is more about close to mid shots.

This shader is available to purchase in my CG Store. Revised and optimised for Octane 2020 and later.