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The Paper Castle

Another study I made to learn the ways of optimizing ultra-heavy scenes in Octane Render Engine and improve my Houdini-C4D workflow.

Tools used in this project:
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Virtually every polygon of the paper village is animated. The paper shader used in the video (enhanced version):
The Houdini unfolding effect used as a base for the paper village was found here: It was created by Elisha Hung, thank you kindly. Give the man some love: Special thanks for Sound Design to Otic Audio: Special thanks to Patrick Frigg for letting me utilize his 17GPUs Rig to render half of the shots in conjunction with my Render-Units. We've learned how to optimize that kind of scene for render units with more than 12GPUs on board like Patricks. 30GPUs in total for the project, a couple of days of rendering.