Meet the new family member

September 24, 2020
Family is one of my life top priorities, interests and passions. In the end of the day everything that's done, is done for them. I am extremely happy to announce that our "La Familia" have new recruit.

Me and my wife knew we want to build a big family right the moment we met. There were no "getting used to each other" periods, nothing like "we shall see where it goes". We just walk together since then.
After a year together we found out that we're going to become parents. Worth noting that at the time I just migrated to the UK and didn't have any job. My freelance career came to a halt as well. Nonetheless, there was no panic. I felt strong desire to settle my life and was very grateful for Natalias brothers help.

We didn't want to find out if it'll be a boy or a girl. We were taken by surprise when our first daughter Mila came to this world. Nothing was the same anymore. Life was now divided to "before" and "after". It's hard to describe this feelingIt's an inexplicable power within you that boils and provide with energy to conquer the world. For her. For them. Fantastic feeling, highly recommended :)

Time is fast as we know, too fast. Mila is now five and oh boy she was excited to find out her new title. She was waiting impatiently, she was talking to Natalias belly, she occupied all the prams, the car seats and baby beds with toys pretending she's taking care of her younger sister.

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Kira seen the light at 22:28 on 24th of September.

Everything went smooth and fast. Natalia and Kira had to stay in hospital for couple of days, which is unusual for the UK, but we prefer it to be honest. I was not allowed into the ward up until my COVID test came back negative. I was allowed to be present during the labour though, which is how we prefer to deal with this important event. We're going through it together.

On 26th of September the girls were allowed to come home. Myself, Mila and Natalias family were waiting for the girls to come down. We had little surprises for them.

There's four of us now. New experience, new routine, new chapter of our lives. Mila is ready to accept the fate of Older Sister, me and Natalia are ready to be loving parents of two beautiful girls and do everything for them. New strengths, new motivations, new strengths. Mila is obsessed with cuddles and became more responsible.

If you are curious about my schedule... well. Paternity leave is all about taking on all Natalias responsibilities, so that she and baby Kira can rest and get stronger. I should definitely do something with my career to find more time for the family in general, and I have a plan. But this is a story for another time.

If you read to the end, you're probably one of those rare "true" subscribers and it's my absolute pleasure to share such news with you. Thank you.